My ex-business partner had drafted and then filed fraudulent and forged documents purporting to establish that I had transferred a significant portion of our mutual business interests to him. My partner then initiated litigation against me attempting to steal the business from me. Rick not only defended me in the litigation but was able to establish that the documents were forgeries and got the case dismissed. Not only did we win the case, Rick’s fees were very fair and reasonable.
— Business Owner, Minneapolis


I had literally taken my life savings and invested them with a real estate broker who lost all my money in fraudulent investments. I thought everything was hopeless until I was referred to Rick. Rick immediately started litigation and was able to recover 90 percent of the money I had lost through a state recovery fund. I was informed that my recovery was the highest recovery from the Fund that year and the Fund was ultimately exhausted as a result of other numerous claimants, many of whom never recovered anything. It was only due to Rick’s thorough legal analysis and quick litigation strategy that I was able to recover my money. I would refer anyone to Rick for civil litigation.
— Investor, Outstate Minnesota.


I was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct (rape), along with a co-defendant. Neither of us were guilty because the sexual contact was consensual, but my co-defendant decided to plead guilty and take a lesser prison sentence because he was afraid of a longer sentence if he was convicted at trial. I knew I was innocent so I hired Rick and went to trial. Rick was able to demonstrate to the jury that I was innocent. I was acquitted of all counts. I owe my life and freedom to Rick.
— Defendant, St. Paul, Minnesota

My son was wrongly accused of assault with a dangerous weapon as a result of an incident where my son was attacked by others. If convicted, my son would have been required to be incarcerated in a juvenile prison facility missing his junior and senior year at high school. The prosecutor was unreasonable and would not plea bargain. My son was tried as an adult before a jury. Rick won the case and the jury did not convict my son of the assault charge. My son finished high school and ultimately went on to college where he graduated with honors.
— Mother of then-Juvenile Defendant, Minnetonka, Minnesota

My adult son was charged with seven different felony robberies in four different counties. I was just devastated and concerned that my son would be sent to prison for life. Rick was able to work out a comprehensive settlement plan and plea agreement with each county whereby my son did not accumulate the total possible criminal history points and additionally received downward departure on his total prison sentence. My son will be out in a matter of years, hoping having served his debt to society and ready to go back to school.
— Mother of Defendant, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

I was charged with felony possession of a firearm after the police raided a house in which I was staying. I told the police that the firearm was not mine and that I was innocent, but the police and the prosecutor charged me with a felony anyway. The case went to trial and Rick won the case and I was acquitted. A conviction would have resulted in an automatic five-year prison term. I owe my freedom to Rick’s great legal work.
— Defendant, Minneapolis MN

I was charged with criminal vehicular operation of a motor vehicle when I was involved in an accident on a snowy day on my way to work. I lost control of my car on a icy stretch of roadway and another vehicle and I collided in a terrible crash. I was fully insured but I was shocked when I was charged with criminal vehicular operation. I was referred to Rick who ultimately got the matter dismissed for lack of probable cause. I was so scared that I was going to jail for a crime that I did not commit, but I was assured by Rick’s calm and professional manner. I am so thankful for his professional representation.
— Defendant, Dakota County, Minnesota.

Even though I am an attorney practicing for over 14 years, I regularly consult with Rick on many of my criminal cases. Rick has over 25 years of civil litigation and criminal litigation experience. As a former prosecutor and now private defense attorney, Rick has “seen it all,” and has litigated over 45 cases to jury verdict. Rick is very insightful, creative, and helpful, and has provided me with invaluable advice on many of my criminal cases and criminal trials.
— Minneapolis Attorney


Rick represented me in criminal and professional disciplinary proceedings. I was able to avoid a prison sentence and resolve my professional disciplinary matter before the Board of Psychology. I do not believe I would have been able to handle this without Rick’s legal assistance and his professional insight and counseling.
— Psychologist, Minnesota

I was charged with a felony while employed as a police and peace officer. Rick not only was able to negotiate a civil settlement, but he also negotiated an excellent resolution on the criminal charge. I then had to appear before the Police and Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (Post Board). Without Rick’s help, I never would have been able to make it through the civil, criminal and professional disciplinary process.
— Minnesota Peace Officer

I was accused of unethical conduct as a result of my representation of a client in a business matter and was reported to the Lawyers Board. I was shocked and obviously needed legal representation in the Lawyers Board matter. Rick was able to demonstrate to the Lawyer’s Board that I had committed no professional misconduct or any ethical violation. Rick was extremely professional and insightful in his legal analysis and arguments to the Lawyer’s Board.
— Attorney, Minnesota

I was referred to Rick to represent me on a complaint to the Lawyers Board. Rick appeared with me before the Board and successfully argued that my conduct was proper and was not in violation of the rules of professional conduct. Rick put me at ease during the process. Rick was extremely professional, discrete, and his legal analysis was right on.
— Attorney, Minnesota

I was a long-time county social worker accused of misconduct. I was referred to Rick for representation in the criminal case and before the Board of Social Work. I was deathly afraid that I would be sent to jail and lose my social work license. Rick was able to get the criminal matter dismissed and ultimately worked out a resolution with the Board of Social Work allowing me to keep my license and continue to be employed in the social work field. I don’t know what I would have done without Rick’s professional assistance, persuasive support and his professional representation.
— Social Worker, Minnesota